Announcement: Coronavirus

Dear business partners and colleagues,

During this Coronavirus pandemic, in addition to protecting our employees, we are doing everything necessary to ensure the supply for our customers.

We monitor the supply flows very carefully and reassess the situation every day.

An essential requirement for this is that the raw material supply continues to function reliably and that our suppliers provide us with the required goods in due time.

At the same time, we appreciate the continuous feedback on the current demand from your side. This way, we can react quickly to changing situations and to find good solutions together in this challenging time. Let us maintain a close exchange and conversation on this.

Our company is staffed at a reduced number until further notice. A competent core team is always on site, and available for your queries.

We thank our employees, customers and suppliers for their understanding and are convinced that together we will master this difficult time.

Kind regards
Your NSG team

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